Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Drought

We are still on stage 3 water restrictions here in our city. We are able to water once a week, one inch. Some of the neighboring communities have moved to stage 4, no outdoor watering. The lake that we get out water from is very low and what was once water is now a meadow. This bridge usually spans the lake. This picture is from the City of Allen website. I think it must have been taken a few weeks ago, when I drove over this bridge today, it is all overgrown with weeds in this area.

The restrictions are anticipated to continue thru the end of 2007. We are expecting that we will be moved to stage 4 restrictions in our city soon. Even if we were to get allot of rain it will take a long time to replenish the reserves and the North Texas Municipal Water District is working on alternate sources.

This is our first casualty to the drought. This was a River Birch that we planted in a rather soggy area of the yard to help with the drainage issue. The drought has alleviated the soggy area and also this wonderful shade tree. The rest of the yard is holding up so far...

My lone tomato plant is hanging in there but I think this will be the last of the tomatoes for this season, time to get some planted for the fall.


samurai said...

Nothing about the drought - but I am glad I 'found' you again. Especially in regards to both of us have an "Aspie" child.


MrsGreenThumb said...

Hello, I found your blog from Dr. Charles' tomato contest. I live in Las Vegas and work in a water conservation program. We have the most aggressive water conservation in the country. It is headed by a woman who I think should be head of the Department of the Interior. Although our population is growing by app. 4000 people a month, our usage had remained flat for 4 years. It's pretty scarey to think we could run out of water, isn't it?