Thursday, July 13, 2006

Getting ready for the new school year...

In just a few short weeks, on August 9th, my boys will be heading back to school. It is an anxious time for me. I worry how they will do.

Will my youngest be able to transition into a full day classroom. Will life be easier for him with the security of a highly structured day or will he find the classroom to stimulating and have difficulty with that. He did so well in PPCD, with a small class and so much support. (This is a photo of him getting on the bus when he was 3 y/o.) So many what-ifs....

I am also concerned about my oldest, the pressures of 4th grade, the fact that he is dysgraphic and 4th grade is when writing becomes so important in the curriculum. Will he find friends that he can relate to now that he has found that joy over the summer, or will he feel like the outsider again.

My middle son is already worrying about the bus. We have taken steps to protect him on the bus this year but in his 7 y/o mind it is terrifying. He is doing very well on his medication and is laughing and active again, enjoying the things that little boys should enjoy, making silly noises, riding his bike, running around and making messes. Unfortunately both appointments we have had with the counselor have been cancelled at the last minute due to illness of her child. We will try again on Tuesday.

I wonder if I will ever start a school year without this anxiety that I feel for my children. I talk to other moms and they express much different feelings from mine. They worry about getting new clothes and shoes, new haircuts and backpacks. I am worrying about before school appointments with Doctors and therapists and filling out forms for the school nurse and resource team. I am scheduling meetings with the special ed bus driver, the school counselor and the resource teachers to give my boys a chance to meet these people that will be so important to their success in the coming year. By the time school starts each year, I am exhausted. I need a vacation.... unfortunatly the schedule just won't allow for that.


BigMama said...

My best friend has two special needs children (PDD in varying degrees), and she is going through a similar thing. Writing up IEPs, seeing therapists, worrying about the transition away from home, all that stuff. I know that it's pretty stressful for her as well.

I'll be praying for you and the boys as you prepare for the school year. ~A

Warrior Mom said...

Thank You so much for your thoughts and prayers. They are appreciated.

samurai said...

I've been frustrated with posting comments today... :( Anyway... I think you and I (and my beloved) are in the same boat.

millenium man said...

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