Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Still busy...

I haven't been around much to update here. It has been quite a month! Trying to keep up with work and the boys (all four of them) has been quite a chore. I have today off from my job but I will be spending part of the morning at the elementary school at a meeting with the campus assessment team to address the difficulties that A. is having with severe distractability and boredom in the classroom. After that I have an interview for a part time faculty position at the local Community College in the Nursing School.

I am excited about the interview, I have always loved to teach and they actually called me from a recommendation from a former NP student that is faculty there. The other nice thing about this potential position is that the college is about a 10 minute drive from home and has a reputation of being a family friendly employer.

Tonight is Halloween and our neighborhood will be teaming with little ghosts and goblins. I have the candy and trinkets set and we will be joining in the fun. My oldest has put together his costume as a fly fisherman, A. will be Darth Vadar and my youngest is a Ninja. I will put on my Queen of Heart's card costume and hand out the treats.

I hope you all have a fun and safe evening!

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Anonymous said...

We had a wonderful time last night. Our oldest was a soldier, the next one was a Bionical somethingorother, and our smallest was an angel. :)

May God grant you peace and blessings with this job interview!

God Bless.