Saturday, June 30, 2007

Already Summer!

I am not very good at keeping up with this blog. Life keeps me busy. Thank you Big Mama for the nudge.

So much has been going on since my last post in March. I finished my first semester teaching nursing school and I can't wait for next semester. I love teaching and hope to be able to continue for quite some time.

The boys all finished the school year and it is on the next grade level for them all. This summer they are hanging out at daycare and loving every minute. When I gave them the option of being home with me on my days off, they said no thanks! They spend their days playing on the indoor playground, swimming at the local pool, doing crafts and going on field trips to some really cool spots!

I have S and A working with an occupational therapist for handwriting, this is an area that they both really struggle in. We are seeing quite a bit of improvement. I also have J working with an OT for sensory integration therapy. He loves it and we talk about going to the gym when he goes for therapy, he is also working with the SLP from the school over the summer. His speech is improving dramatically with the one on one support that she can give over the summer.

I am working three days a week, two days in my clinic and one day doing colposcopy. I just can't leave what I do. Despite a few other offers that were attractive, I really feel that what I do is important and I am not ready to leave it. I need to feel that I make a difference, working where I do I know that I make a difference.
We spent a few days camping (in a tent) at Caprock Canyons in early June. The boys want to go back again and again. It is beautiful and I thin we may plan a trip after Christmas this year. The Park Ranger said there is often snow at that time. I think we may rent a pop-up trailer for that one though. Heat is always nice in the winter! It did take a few weeks to get the red dirt out of everything.

We have been dealing with quite a bit of rain lately. We did have to cut our camping trip short by a few days because of severe weather. I didn't want to try to sit out a severe thunderstorms with hail and possible tornadoes in a tent. We drove home about a half hour ahead of the baseball size hail and 70 - 100 mph winds. The rain was so heavy that we had to drive a good part of the way going only about 30MPH. It is a long drive!
It is hard to believe that last year at this time we were in a severe draught and this year we are dealing with flooding. I think this is now the wettest June on record in the DFW area. I do worry that it will stop and then we will have hot and dry weather for the rest of the summer. Unfortunately my roses are not happy with wet feet and are looking quite stressed. They will rally though since they are all old garden roses and grow on their own roots, none are grafted. Most of my garden is loving it though.
Well time to get a few things done on this soggy Saturday afternoon. I will try to post a bit more often. Time seems to get away from me these days!

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BigMama said...

Good to hear from you again! The camping trip looks really beautiful. We're hoping to take the family camping later this summer -- if we can muster up the courage!

And I find weather just fascinating. You're soaking and we're nearing drought conditions here in WV. My flowers aren't happy either, but it's for totally other reasons!

Enjoy the remainder of your summer!