Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Still here...

Has it really been almost nine months since I have posted anything here? I will say it has been quite a busy year!
I have received a few nudges to get busy and write about the family and how the boys are doing. Well, here goes. Hang on for the ride!
The school year ended on a very positive note last year. All three boys did very well and the oldest is now "all grown up" and in middle school. He seems to be doing very well. Of course it is only the second week of school. He seems to be handling changing classes and says that it is good and gives him time to move around and then he can stay focused during the class times. He has chosen to play the cello in the orchestra and is really excited about it. He also learned a little guitar in music class last year. I am planning to get him a guitar for Christmas with some lessons if he is still interested.

The two younger boys are now in 2nd and 4th grades and loving it. A thinks that his teacher is the most beautiful woman in the whole world. I guess I am just the mom now... J has S's former 4th grade teacher and feels very special about that. I am looking forward to an uneventful year for them.
I have just started my 4th semester teaching at the Nursing School and I am looking forward to that. Of course I still have my other two jobs also. Yes, I am tired.
Our summer was a busy one!

S spent a week at Mo Ranch this summer for camp. I think he really grew up emotionally at that time and he is already asking to go back next summer. Of course I was a nervous wreck but all was well and he thrived. He spent the rest of the summer hanging out with his friends at the activity center that the boys attend after school during the school year. They had weekly field trips, swimming three times a week and time to be with other kids. All said it was a good time.

We did take some family time away and went to the hill country for a brief vacation. On the way to pick up S from camp we stopped at Inks Lake State Park and went swimming at the Devils Waterhole. The two younger boys had the chance to jump off the cliffs into the lake and float around in the water before heading into Kerville to spend the night.

We spent the next day swimming in the Guadalupe river and playing in the rapids and going down the big slide at Mo Ranch.

Finally we headed over to New Braunfels and spent Sunday at Natural Bridge Caverns, touring the caves and the boys climbed the Watchtower.

the next day we went to Schlitterbaun

and then finally went into San Antonio and saw the Alamo. The boys were surprised and a bit disappointed that it is so small!

The highlight of the trip was probably Schlitterbaun. What a water park! We spent the whole day on Monday there. We do plan to go back next summer. I think that next time we will get a two day pass so we can do everything!
We also spent time with friends boating out on the lake. My three had never been in a boat before but you would never know it by how well they did. We got them out on the knee board and by the time we left they were being pulled all over the lake and all three were almost able to do 360's on the board. Now the question has been when we will go back.
So all in all it has been a good 9 months. This is certainly an abbreviated, just hit the highlights version. I will make a real effort to keep up with things here more often this year.
Time will tell...

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BigMama said...

I felt the same way as your sons about the Alamo. I don't know what I was expecting, but I thought it would be something a little...more.

Love the pics and all of those water parks look like a blast! Good to see you posting here!