Monday, July 03, 2006

Life in the fast lane!

Has it really been this long since I decided to start this blog? I had thought I would post a bit more frequently but it is already July and here I am. We have essentially unplugged for the summer and I am turning on the computer at home only a few times a week to check email or to do a bit of research or shop. We have also turned off the TV for the most part. Amazing how quiet it is these days! Things are rarely quiet with three boys in tow!

One of my biggest concerns for the summer had been childcare for my guys. It is challenging to find a good and convenient place for all three. I found a place not too far from home that is a school age specific "Activity Center". I spent time with the owner/director explaining the issues with my oldest (S. who is 9) and youngest (J. who is 5) sons and gave her information on Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. So far two of my guys are having a really good summer. I think for the first time ever my oldest feels like he is accepted for who he is and has made a few friends, he is excited about going everyday. My youngest has the structure he needs and the ability to move and be active and despite a few wetting accidents has done well. His speach has hampered a few things but since he is verbal they are working it out.

Unfortunatly, my middle son (A.) is having a very rough summer. Actually this started during the school year when he was being bullied on the bus on the way to school. Of course he wouldn't tell us about the bullying, I had to do a bit of detective work to find out what was going on. A nieghbor's daughter revealed to her that he was being both verbally and physically bullied and didn't want it to get worse so he was keeping quiet. I took it to the school and they did act on it but it started again about two months later. I had A. start weekly counseling with the school counselor. He is an avid reader so we found some books on bullying and those seemed to help him know what to do and he seemed to have some increased confidence.

Once school was out I really thought he would find some joy in all the new summer activity and would really do much better. He is a very athletic boy and this activity center has an indoor playground, gymnastics and karate classes and organized noncompetitive soccer and kickball, as well as swimming three times a week. He has chosen to sit inside the TV and video game room and watch others play video games, he doesn't even want to play them himself...he loves games, and he panics if he misses the daily afternoon movie that is shown for those that are not going swimming or doing the other activities. He never smiles and at home he is in tears more than half the time. He told me that he feels like crying all the time and "just can't keep a smile on his face". We went to see the Child Psychiatrist that manages his ADHD meds on Friday and he was put on Lexapro. My heart is breaking for my little boy, he is only 7 years old, this should be a carefree time for him. Hopefully we will see improvement by the time we return to the doctor in two weeks. I have also arranged for him to start counseling with a child psychologist who has experience working with siblings of children on the autism spectrum.

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