Thursday, October 04, 2007 in general

I am trying very hard to be more consistent with posting. I always have things going on and therefore no lack of things to say. I just have to commit to getting on here and putting them down.

I am really struggling with how to help A. get organized. He is now in third grade and he is a organizational nightmare! He would loose his feet if he wasn't walking on them.

We have tried checklists, we have tried time and task lists, we have worked with him to plan out his evening to get his homework done and still have leisure time.I have tried to get his input on everything since this has to work for him. We are at a complete loss. I want to meet with his teacher, I sent an email to her, to really want to try to get some good pointers for this at home and to see how she can work with him at school.

On to other things, I decided to start a knitting blog, I haven't posted anything there yet, but it is ready! Check out the link in the sidebar.

I am also taking a photography class at the community college. It is not for credit and purely for fun. This week we are experimenting with lighting. This is my willing and cooperative model "Fritz".Now I need to figure out some creative ways to show off my knitting projects. Off to look for something else to photograph.....

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BigMama said...

Photography sounds really fun. I'm not particularly good with that myself -- hubby has a much better "eye" for photographic composition. Pics that I take tend to look pretty dull, whereas when he takes one, it almost always looks much more artistic. I hope you enjoy your class!