Monday, October 08, 2007

Routines and Systems

Homework and organization do not seem to go together at my house as I wrote about in my last post. I spent allot of time thinking and talking to teachers and talking to A and we have a system that we will try out. I bought a small binder (actually 3, one for each boy) and put pocket dividers into it. Each divider has a label and then I made a list that I put in the clear pocket on the front of the binder. A seems to think this is a great way to keep track of everything and even used it over the weekend to get his things ready for the week.

A's Binder

Nightly Homework

Reading and Math Log
Fill in every day, at least 10 minutes of math and at least 20 minutes of reading (due each Friday)

Week long assignments
Spelling Packet, divide # of pages by 4 and do that many pages each night Monday through Thursday (Due each Friday)

Spelling and vocabulary lists
Review each night for at least 5 minutes

Ideas for Science Project and timeline

Forms to turn in, orders to make, papers for mom or dad to sign

We also really worked on our evening routine and I am planning to show my new employer what has to happen to keep my family on track each evening.

Evening Routine

Home from daycare and backpacks and lunchboxes unpacked

Homework out for review by mom or dad and/or finishing it


Weather check, calendar check

Backpacks ready for morning

Lunches ready for morning

Clothes ready for morning

Spelling/vocabulary (5 minutes each with mom or dad)

Math Drills (10 minutes each with mom or dad)

Reading (20 minutes each, S and A on their own, J reads for 10 minutes with mom or dad)

Bedtime at 8:00 PM

Lights-out at 8:30 PM

Monday: A and Mom - Karate
Wednesday: Mom works late and Dad on his own with the boys (teachers aware), Mom to Karate after work
Thursday: A to Karate

We will reevaluate how things are going every few days and tweak as needed.

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