Friday, October 26, 2007

Stretching is good....

I have had a great week! I think that I will really enjoy my new job. I worked independently yesterday and saw 11 patients. It was a very satisfying day. The patients are very accepting of a nurse practitioner as a provider and actually one patient was relieved that she was seeing me. She said that NP's have a much different approach and she is much more comfortable with that. I think that having a primary care background is also very helpful.

The boys do not have school today but are going on a field trip at the daycare to see dinosaurs at
The Heard Museum . They would rather do that with friends then hang out with mom. I plan to spend the day working in the yard and getting it finished for fall/winter. My sister is coming over to help. We only live 25 miles apart and just really never make the time to get together. This is our sister time.
I do have a parent/teacher conference with S.'s teacher today. I think it should go fairly well. He has had a hard time getting back into the swing of things since his camping trip, but I think he is coming around. He has really come so far socially and emotionally and has learned to recognize when he is feeling frustrated and/or angry and can turn it around or ask for a few minutes. This is a huge step for him. his grades have been good, he has a reduced workload but he is learning what he needs to learn. We are really working with him for transitioning to middle school next year.
I start the advanced digital photography class tomorrow. I have really enjoyed the introduction to digital photography class and have had such a good time learning to use my camera.

We had a contest last Saturday in class. We were to take two photos during the week and then bring them in as 8x10's for a contest, mine did well, this one came in 4th,

and this is my other. Not bad for an absolute novice!

We are renovating the Sanctuary at church and I took before pictures, and then also played around a bit. I actually love the second one, it has so much of the detail of the wood, I learned to use the manual focus with that one! Who knows where the next class will take me. I am already thinking about a digital SLR camera.

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Casdok said...

Good luck with the class, im sure you will love it!